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In    my    life    I    have    spent    many months   in   the   Middle   East,   but   I don’t    have    a    lot    of    pictures    to record    the    many    places    I    have visited.    During    my    time    in    the Royal   Navy   I   spent   long   periods patrolling    the    Arabian    Sea    and Gulf   of   Oman,   particularly   during the   Iran-Iraq   war   when   there   was a   need   to   protect   British   shipping passing    through    the    Straits    of Hormuz.      During      those      times aboard   both   HMS   Rhyl   and   HMS Cardiff   life   was   tedious,   spending week          upon          week          in environmentally        uncomfortable conditions,   and   whilst   undertaking convoy   duties,   in   some   degree   of danger from both Iran and Iraq. Later   as   a   civilian   I   visited   Dubai on    a    couple    of    occasions,    once stopping   for   a   few   days   to   spend sightseeing. I    also    visited    Tehran    in    Iran    on three          occasions          as          a businessman,     representing     my UK      company      selling      Marine Hydrodynamic                   research equipment     to     Sharif     University and    the    Government    of    Iran.    I won   one   important   contract,   but   a change   of   political   regime   in   the country   caused   a   cessation   of   a negotiations     involving     a     much larger contract.
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