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I    first    visited    Poland    during    the period    2000    -    2003,    visiting    the northern   city   of   Gdańsk   on   several occasions.   I   became   friends   with the   local   people   with   whom   I   did business       and       enjoyed       their company,     and     of     the     general public   who   I   found   to   be   friendly and   helpful.   I   didn’t   get   to   travel further    afield    in    Poland    at    that time,     but     was     aware     that     the country   had   a   wealth   of   history   to explore   and   some   beautiful   cities and   countryside   to   see.   I   promised myself    that    I    would    return    at    a later   date   to   catch   up   on   what   I had missed. And   so,   I   revisited   Poland   in   the spring    of    2018,    and    visited    as many    historical    sites    and    great cities   of   the   country   that   I   could over   a   period   of   4   weeks.   Below are      links      to      some      of      the information that I have amassed.
Poland 2000 - 2003
Poland 2018
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Horrific exhibits at the Holocaust Museum Shoes of some of the 1.1m Jews murdered by the Nazis during WW2 Remains of the gas chambers Market Square In the grounds of the Wavel Royal Palace Castle Entrance to the Old Town At the heart of the Medeival City In the centre of the city Pope John Paul II 130m beneath the surface The museum ship Dar Pomorza (built 1909) They may be comfortable indide, but this communist era block of flats is an eyesore! The "ORP Błyskawica" was built in Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK in 1937 for the Polish Navy A naval parade to welcome me to Poland! A clutch of Polish Naval Officers welcomed me to Gdynia! The marina and port The Old Town Chilling reminder of the past in Poland, in the Second World War Museum Second World War Museum exhibit Old Town waterfront The Second World War Museum