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Bermuda Taj Mahal, India Germany Tasmania Singapore I sailed to Keil in June 2002 to watch the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race. I sailed with my friend and German colleague Gerhard from Noistadt to Keil so see the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race Second place into Keil but overall winner was the German entry "Illbruk". Obviously a very popular result We sailed aboard Gerhard's boat "Blue Motion" In April 2008 I drove from UK to the northern Adriatic, crossing here the German Alps Small village high in the German Alps High in the German Alps Hazardous driving conditions Local musicians in Munich Central Munich Central Munich I stayed with my friends Daniela and Andrew in Munich April 2008 In Munich - April 2008 My friend in Munich Andrew, demonstrated how to drink a lot of German beer! Waitress in a Munich beer kellar My hosts for a couple of nights in Munich, Daniela and Andrew We visited Nymphenburg, near Munich Nymphenburg has similarities to the Palace of Verseilles near Paris At Nymphenburg Nymphenburg near Munich Entrance to the former Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, near Munich Dachau perimeter fance and watch tower Dachau crematorium Dachau prisoners' accommodation!
Visit to Dresden, Spring 2018
The Zwinger (Royal Palace) The Zwinger Royal Palace Despite huge bombing during WW2, Dresden as been comprehensively restored Amazing city Breathtaking views around every corner Historical depitction of royals At Night