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Australia    was    always    part    of    my life.    I    first    visited    the    country    in 1977,   when   I   took   a   repair   team   to Melbourne     to     carry     out     work aboard   the   navy   frigate   HMS   Rhyl. Little   was   I   to   know   at   that   time that    within    2    years    I    would    be appointed    to    serve    aboard.    But Australia   had   been   part   of   my   life before   then,   because   my   half   sister Joyce   had   emigrated   from   UK   in the   mid   1950s,   becoming   a   “£10 Pom”   as   the Australians   referred   to the   British   immigrants   of   the   time (who   paid   just   £10   for   passage   to Australia). In   the   years   later   I   visited   Australia on   many   occasions,   visiting   Joyce of   course,   but   also   my   aunt   Betty and         cousin         Margaret         in Tasmania,my    second    wife    Sue’s son   Mark   and   his   wife   Sherena   in Hervey    Bay,    Queensland    and    a personal   friend   Shuhong   and   her partner     (now     husband)     also     in Tasmania.   But   my   travels   did   not end   there   -   I   have   also   visited   the Northern    Territories    and    Western Australia,   where   I   stayed   with   my former   naval   colleague   and   friend Charles    near    Perth.   And    Sydney was   always   on   the   agenda   -   one   of my favourite cities in the world. The   last   time   I   visited Australia   was in 2009.
On the beach at Scamander, Tasmainia I did a lopt of walking in Tasmania The east coast of Tasmania has many beautiful beaches, but cold water! My second wife Sue's son married Sherena in Australia in 2002 Local residents at Port Stevens, Queensland Famous Sydney Opera House Sue and me in Sydney, 2002 I met up with Al & Kristina in Sydney - we were in Engineering College together in 1971. This picture taken in 2002 Sue is one of the climbers in this picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Darwin Sunset (Northern Territory) Sue at the Kakadoo National Park, Northern Territory Sue & Me near Port Douglas, Queensland. With cousin Margaret and aunt Betty in Tasmania My friends Shuhong and Malcolm. This was in 2009, but they are now married I first met Shuhong in Dalian, China in 2000, but she now lives in Hawley Beach, north Tasmania With my friend Rachel in the capital of Tasmania, Hobart With my wife Sue and half sister Joyce at Lakes Entrance, Victoria My cousin Margaret in Tasmania With my friend Shuhong at Hawley Beach, Tasmania 2009 The Schooner Shenandoah at Hobart, Tasmania 2009 Christmas 2009 at Margaret & Brian's place at Scamander, Tasmania There are miles of beautiful beach on the east coast of Tasmania near Scamander Family group on Fraser Island, off the Queensland coast. Waterfront in Freemantle, Western Australia Perth Skyline, Western Australia Perth War Memorial Friend and ex naval colleague Charles at his home near Perth, Western Australia World famous Sydney Opera House Christmas 2007 at Hervey Bay Melbourne Skyline 2007 In Melbourne 2007 Melbourne waterfront