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Bermuda Taj Mahal, India Bermuda Tasmania Singapore Sue was my main attraction in Bermuda Beautiful beaches and coral reefs are everywhere Sue with her daughter Katrina Me in March /  April 2008 in Bermuda Sue & me in Hamilton, the capital of the islands Former Royal Navy Dockyard buildings on Ireland Island The former Royal Navy Dockyard is now home to a marina Bermuda is actually many islands Christmas time 2008 Sue & me at Christmas 2008 The island's capital Sue with her son Alastaire With Sue's family - Christmas 2008 Beauty around every corner of the islands Some of the Ships' Crests in the Dockyard at Ireland Island. Unfortunately I could't find one from my many ships! More Royal Navy ships crests Chart of the islands Unfortunately Bermuda is ofter on the track of Atlantic Hurricanes Satellite image of Bermuda Sue and I swum with the dolphins at "Dolphin Quest" Special moment With Sue at "Dolphin Quest". Great picture of Sue Breakfast aboard Sue's boat "Seasun" Churches everywhere
Bermida    was    always    part    of    my life.   I   first   visited   the   islands   aboard the   frigate   HMS   Wizard   in   1963,   as a    delightful    stepping    stone    of    an extended     cruise     to     the     United States   and   Canada.   From   that   time long    ago    aboard    my    first    Royal Navy   seagoing   ship,   I   have   always cherished   Bermuda   as   a   strikingly beautiful   place   with   lovely   people. Despite    the    high    finance    that    is Bermuda’s    stock    and    trade,    the indigenous      people,      black      and white,   have   remained   friendly   and welcoming to their visitors. My   next   visit   to   Bermuda   was   in 1979   aboard   the   frigate   HMS   Rhyl -      although      remote      from      the Caribbean,   we   visited   the   islands as      part      of      a      “West      Indies Guardship”        deployment.        We berthed      at      the      Royal      Navy Dockyard   at   Ireland   Island,   which now   in   the   21st   century   is   a   yacht marina. I    visited    Bermuda    again    twice    in 2008,   to   stay   with   my   friend   and   ex crew     member     Sue.     She     lived aboard   her   boat   “Seasun”,   which   is where    I    stayed    with    her,    except whilst   occasionally   house   sitting   for her   friends.   Sue   was   a   generous host,   integrating   me   into   her   family and    friends    circles,    showing    me the   islands   and   taking   me   sailing aboard    her    boat.    I    shall    always remember      the      great      times      I enjoyed in Bermuda.