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Tenerife Taj Mahal, India Bermuda Tasmania Singapore Just a 30 minute walk away from my base is Las Galletas. This is the small marina This new water sport is names FlyBoarding! Waterfront Cafes
I     arrived     in     Tenerife     on     30th September   2015   and   took   the   local buses   from   TFS   airport   in   the   south of   the   island   to   Costa   del   Silencio, where   I   based   myself   in   a   friend’s apartment.   Thank   you   my   friend   and ex     Mediterranean     crew     member Inga.   I   departed   the   island   on   3rd December 2016. The Canary Islands: The   main   islands   are   (from   largest to   smallest)   Tenerife,   Fuerteventura, Gran   Canaria,   Lanzarote,   La   Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Tenerife: Tenerife    is    the    largest    and    most populous   island   of   the   seven   Canary Islands.   It   is   also   the   most   populated island   of   Spain,   with   a   land   area   of 2,034.38     square     kilometres     and 898,680 inhabitants. About     five     million     tourists     visit Tenerife   each   year,   the   most   of   any of   the   Canary   Islands.   It   is   also   one of      the      most      important      tourist destinations    in    Spain.    Tenerife    is served     by     two     airports,     Tenerife North    Airport    and    Tenerife    South Airport. Santa   Cruz   de   Tenerife   is   the   capital of the island. Costa Del Silencio: Located on the south coast, this base for my two month stay on the island. The resort now known as Costa del Silencio was one of the first areas of Tenerife to be specifically developed for tourism. This occurred during the late 1960s. Sightseeing: Whilst on the island I shall see all that I possibly can, for the most part using public transport, but for maybe 2-3 days renting a car to get to the more inaccessible places. Places visited by bus: Las Gallatas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, Playa de Las Americas, El Medano, Candelaria, Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Puerto De La Cruz, La Orotavia, Icod and Garachico.
The "Last Supper" in Las Cristianos Las Cristianos Sunday market Being kitted out for "FlyBoarding" in Las Galletas African market in Santa Cruz Central Santa Cruz, the capital of the Canary Islands Santa Cruz's answer to the Sydney Opera House Spectacular cathedral in La Laguna La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage site Quiet corner of La Laguna, the ancient capital of Tenerife Historic streets in La Laguna La Laguna cathedral Excellent public transport system from Sanata Cruz to La Laguna Crowds on the beach at El Medano Just arrived in El Medano Waterfront at El Medano Waterfront restaurant in El Medano View from La Orotava over Puerto De La Cruz and the Atlantic Ocean Historic band stand in La Orotava Puerto de la Cruz Puerto de la Cruz Basilica of Our Lady Candelaria, The Patron Saint of the Canary Islands. Inside the Basilica at Candelaria Enormous statues of the Guanches Kings, the ancient inhamitants of the Canary Islands Pleasant main street in Candelaria Las Americas -= Amazing concrete jungle on the south coast All the Costas and Playas merge together on the south coast of Tenerife But here at the end of October it's still summer with 28° degrees! Concrete Jungle and mountains of flesh! This beach is probably popular with the Brits! There are miles of development and beaches along the south west coast of Tenerife Waterfront cafes at Las Galletas Smart shopping centre with designed labels not far from Los Cristianos Garachico on the north coast of the island Historic town of Garachico Garachico skyline Garachico carriage The long and winding road to Icod in the north of the isalnd My friend Inga's neighbour, Mary Inga hides behind her Samsung! Costa del Silencio is close to the southern point Four masted Schooner visits Los Cristianos The Parke Santiago III Thursday market at Costa del Silencio View over Costa del Silencio Sometimes when it was calmer I was able to go swimming here - only 5 minutes walk from Inga's apartment Local shops and cafes are here, close to Inga's apartment South coast near Costa del Silencio Inga and me at the Golf del Sur Yacht Marina The "Besse Ellen" from Plymouth UK alongside at the Golf del Sur marina, Tenerife Beautiful sunset at Playa de Las Americas Waterfront at Playa de Las Americas My host Inga (L) and neighbour Mary. On my last night in Tenerife Our neighbour at Costa del Silencio Our neighbour in Costa del Silencio, Mary With Mary at Playa de Las Americas on my final night in Tenerife With Inga (L) and Mary With Mary at Las Galletas With Inga at Golf de Sur At Golf de Sur At El Meldano Snow at the summit of El Teide, the highest in Spain My EasyJet Boeing back to UK