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Hong   Kong   was   always   part   of   my life.   I   first   visited   the   British   Colony aboard    the    aircraft    carrier    HMS Eagle   in   1964,   but   returned   again 6   years   later   to   be   based   ashore at    the    Royal    Navy    shore    base HMS   Tamar.   I   was   lucky   to   have been   able   to   have   my   family   living with   me   in   Hong   Kong   -   we   lived in   an   apartment   on   the   island   at Garden      Mansions,      Tai      Hang Road,    in    the    mid    levels    district overlooking   Causeway   Bay.   It   was a   fantastic   positing,   my   last   as   a rating    in    the    Royal    Navy    before being   promoted   to   the   rank   of   Sub Lieutenant. The   traditional   issue   of the    daily    rum    tot    was    ceased during    my    time    in    Hong    Kong, whilst   a   member   of   the   Chief   Petty Officers’ Mess. Over   the   years   I   returned   again   to Hong    Kong,    first    whilst    serving aboard   the   frigate   HMS   Mermaid, but   also   over   succeeding   years   as a   tourist   with   my   second   wife   Sue, and as a visiting businessman. Hong    Kong    changed    drastically between   each   of   my   visits,   both politically     when     it     became     a “Special   Administrative   Region”   of the    Peoples    Republic    of    China, and    on    the    landscape,    as    more and   more   land   was   reclaimed   to build   more   and   more   and   bigger and    higher    buildings.    The    new airport     at     Lantau     Island     also replaced   the   old   Kai   Tak   airport, which   I   could   see   clearly   from   my apartment   at   Garden   Mansions.   I remember       taking       spectacular pictures    of    aircraft    taking    off    at night!
My children Anne & Ian in Hong Kong in 1970 My son Ian loved this pedal car, until it was run over and flattened by a car using the car park! I straightened it out for him! With my first wife Gill, and our children Anne & Ian My daughter Anne sitting on the back of our Sumbeam Alpine Sports My children Anne & Ian. He is in his first school uniform. With my first wife at a party in the Chief Petty Officers' Mess in HMS Tamar. Looks like I had one or three too many! With my first wife Gill at a navy party Many happy memories from my final days before promotion to commissioned officer in the Royal Navy Great times in my late 20s Oh, the memories! This page is still under Construction. Please return later