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Not 3-4 weeks of UK travels each year like it was before Brexit imposed a new lifestyle on me (against my will!)
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Cornish pasty in York With my special friend Barbara from Australia At Hartland Quay on a glorious spring afternoon with my host Jane. South Street in Emsworth leads to Chichester Harbour. Emsworth Mill Pond on a beautifully warm and sunny spring day. My trusty Audi A4. Over 14 years old and with more than141,000 miles on the clock, it is still totally reliable and delivers over 60 mpg from its VAG 1.9 turbo diesel engine. Audi is best!
Although   I   am   British   and   my   home   is   in the    UK,    until    Brexit    came    along    and completely    changed    my    lifestyle,    I    only used   to   spend   on   average   3-4   weeks   each year   visiting   the   country   of   my   birth.   Now post   Brexit   I   am   unable   to   spend   as   much time   in   Europe   as   I   would   wish   and   have bought    a    narowboat    on    which    to    live during   the   6+   months   a   year   that   I   now live   in   the   UK.   During   these   months   I   visit many   different   parts   of   the   country   both by     road     and     aboard     my     narrowboat, including   to   the   north   east,   to   York   where my    son    Ian    lives,    and    to    Kilburn,    just north   of   the   city   of   Derby   in   the   midlands, where my daughter Anne lives. I   have   created   a   special   website   for   my narrowboat    life,    which    you    can    visit    by taking   the   link   from   my   home   page,   or   by clicking here.
The   picture   galleries   in   this   website   show   not   only   the   people   and   places   in   my   life,   but   also   give   a fair   indication   of   how   my   life   has   been   changing   over   the   past   few   years.   But   people   are   of   course the   most   important   element   of   anyone’s   life,   especially   mine,   and   in   these   galleries   you   will   see members   of   my   family,   long   standing   friends   from   around   the   country   and   former   naval   colleagues and friends from my many years serving in the Royal Navy. Enjoy   browsing   my   picture   galleries   and   please   don’t   hesitate   to   contact   me   if   you   wish   to   get   in touch. I’ll be glad to chat, especially if you are an old friend with whom I have lost touch.
My Audi A4 was replaced by an Audi A3 just before Christmas 2017 Visted by my drone Narrowboat on the Trent and Mersey Canal