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A lthough   I   am   British   and   my   home   is   in   the   UK, I   only   spend   on   average   3-4   weeks   each   year visiting   the   country   of   my   birth.   During   the   Fall each   year   I   tend   to   travel   to   Canada   and   the   USA to   catch   up   with   my   many   friends   over   there, “across   the   pond”.   I   love   visiting   these   friends and   I   appreciate   so   much   their   friendship   and hospitality    during    my    stay    with    them.    Thanks guys.
The   picture   galleries   in   this   website   show   not   only   the   people   and   places   in   my   life,   but   also   give   a   fair   indication of   how   my   life   has   been   changing   over   the   past   few   years.   People   are   of   course   the   most   important   element   of anyone’s   life,   especially   mine,   so   in   these   galleries   you   will   see   many   long   standing   friends   from   various   parts   of North America.   They   include   many   who   have   been   friends   for   decades   since   first   meeting   them   aboard   ship   whilst I   was   serving   in   the   Royal   Navy.   Also   you   will   see   former   sailing   friends   who   have   cruised   with   me   in   both   the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and have as a result become life long and special friends. Enjoy   browsing   my   picture   galleries   and   please   don’t   hesitate   to   contact   me   if   you   wish   to   get   in   touch.   I’ll   be   glad to chat, especially if you are an old friend with whom I have lost touch.
Nhu with me This is the 630ft high "Gateway Arch" in downtown St Louis. I rode to the top aboard one of the barrel-shaped capsules that run on internal tracks inside the hollow legs of the arch. Each capsule holds five passengers and maintains a level position throug View of lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry Another fall colours picture of downtown Montreal From Federal Hill overlooking downtown Baltimore on a beautiful fall day. I met up with Miyuki, a friend of the past 2-3 years who is considering crewing aboard Tradewinds in the Caribbean this winter.