Visits to a huge number of ports in several different countries Tradewinds negotiated a huge number of locks between the English Channel and Mediterranean Tony’s Websites Tradewinds Mediterranean Cruising So many wonderful places in the Mediterranean. Here I am in Poros, Greece
S/Y Tradewinds of Emsworth II
In so many different locations. Here in Brindisi, Italy Here in Greece visiting a temple on the island of Aegina Many quiet and peaceful anchorages

Tradewinds of Emsworth II - Cruising the Mediterranean:

This   website   has   been   created   principally   for   the   benefit   of   family   and   friends,   so   that   they can   know   were   I   am,   and   can   share   as   far   as   is   possible   my   many   adventures   and experiences.   The   website   is   also   intended   as   a   source   of   information   that   may   be   needed by   us   during   our   travels,   and   for   anyone   else   who   would   like   to   access   the   data   contained on   the   various   pages.   I   hope   that   you   will   enjoy   reading   about   my   exploits,   and   that   as   I continue   my   friends   and   relatives   will   make   plans   to   join   me   for   some   cruising   in   the beautiful   Mediterranean.   I   shall   be   in   Greek   waters   again   during   2016   -   I'm   looking   forward to seeing you on board. Please try to visit. The   buttons   on   the   Menu   Bar   above   and   on   each   page   will   navigate   you   to   various   parts   of the   website   -   take   your   time   to   browse   and   I   hope   you   will   take   a   look   at   and   enjoy   the many pictures I will frequently be adding to the Galleries. During   preparations   at   the   start   of   my   cruising   in   2004,   I   drew   heavily   on   the   experiences of   those   who   went   before   me.   There   were   many   sources   to   draw   upon   particularly   on   the Internet,   with   huge   amounts   of   very   useful   information.   My   thanks   go   to   all   those   who contributed in some way or other. There are too many to mention. I   hope   that   you   enjoy   seeing   the   many   pictures   I   have   taken   -   you   can   access   the   Galleries via   the   Menu   Bar.   When   you   are   in   the   Galleries,   click   on   the   thumbnails   to   see   a   larger version of each of the pictures and scroll between them. To   assist   other   boat   owners   intending   to   cruise   Mediterranean   waters   I   have   included   a page   listing   my   recommendation   for   enhancing   a   yacht   for   the   special   needs   and   climate of   the   Mediterranean.   The   recommendations   are   based   on   my   personal   experiences   - accept   or   reject   them   as   appropriate.   To   access   the   list   of   recommendations,   take   the   link from “Information”  on the toolbar above.

Cruising since 2004:

The   voyages   of Tradewinds   of   Emsworth   II   since   leaving   UK   waters   in   late April   2004   have been: 2004   -   From   Gosport   on   the   south   coast   of   UK   to   the   North   Coast   of   France,   through   the French    Rivers    and    Canals    to    the    Mediterranean.    Tradewinds    departed    from    UK    on Tuesday   27th   April   2004   and   finally   this   year   rested   for   the   winter   in   a   boatyard   on   the River Tevera near Rome in Italy. 2005   -   From   the   River   Tevera,   north   along   the   coast   of   Italy   to   France,   westwards   across the   French   Riviera   and   down   the   coast   of   Spain.   Winter   was   spent   afloat   in   the   large marina of Almerimar, near Almeria on the south coast of Spain. 2006   -   From   Almerimar   to   Gibraltar,   then   back   into   the   Mediterranean   to   the   Balearic Islands   (Ibiza   and   Mallorca),   across   to   Barcelona   and   then   around   the   Spanish   and   French coasts   as   far   as   Nice.   Tradewinds   wintered   in   Port   Pin   Rolland   near   Toulon   on   the   south coast of France. 2007   -   From   Port   Pin   Rolland   along   the   coast   of   the   French   Riviera   as   far   as   Nice,   across to   Corsica,   across   to   the   island   of   Elba,   down   the   western   coast   of   Italy,   through   the Messina   Straits   between   Italy   and   Sicily,   into   the Adriatic   and   across   to   Croatia,   and   finally to the northern Adriatic Italian port of Monfalcone for the winter. 2008   -   From   Marina   Hannibal   at   Monfalcone   to   Croatia,   but   with   a   few   crossings   to   Venice for   guest   exchanges.   Three   months   in   Croatia   followed   by   a   crossing   from   Dubrovnik   to Brindisi in SE Italy and then back up the Italian coast into Monfalcone for the winter. 2009   -   Tradewinds   cruised   in   the   Adriatic   (Italy   and   Croatia)   until   early   August   but   then moved   south   into   the   Ionian   and   Aegean   Sea   areas   of   Greece.   Tradewinds   finished   the season in the small Greek port of Porto Heli, in the Peloponnese. 2010   -   Tradewinds   cruises   entirely   in   Greek   waters   this   year.   My   main   ports   for   guest transfers were Porto Heli and Poros. 2011   -   Greek   waters   again   during   the   summer   of   this   year.   Guest   transfers   were   as   last year, mainly using Porto Heli or Poros. 2012 - Greek waters. Much the same as last year. 2013   -   Yet   another   season   cruising   Greek   waters.   Guest   joining   ports   were   Porto   Heli   and Poros. 2014   -   Continued   to   cruise   Greek   waters   this   summer,   including   the   mainland   coastal areas   of   the   Argolic   and   Saronic   Gulfs,   and   the   Cyclades,   Sporades   and   Dodecanese Islands. 2015 - Another season in the Argolic and Saronic Gulf areas, plus the Cyclades 2016   -   Remaining   in   Greek   waters,   but   in   addition   to   the   usual   coastal   areas   I   expect   to cruise the Cyclades, Sporades and Dodecanese Islands again. 2017   -   Another   year   planned   to   remain   in   Greek   (Aegean)   waters.   It’s   unlikely   that   I’ll venture   beyond   the   mainland   coastal   areas   and   the   Cyclades   group   of   islands.   Crew   this season   are   expected   to   remain   on   board   for   a   maximum   of   one   month,   thus   restricting   the distances   that   can   comfortably   be   covered.   It   is   hoped   that   for   the   2018   cruising   season   I can   recruit   a   crew   prepared   to   remain   on   board   for   the   full   season,   or   if   visa   restrictions dictate, for three months. This would permit a wider cruising area. 2018   - A   further   year   cruising   Greek   waters. Almost   1000   nautical   miles   during   the   season, But all around the Argolic and Soronic Gulf and Cyclades areas. 2019 - A further year in Greek waters. 2020   -   Another   full   season   sailing   in   Greek   waters   was   planned,   but   in   view   of   travel restrictions   associated   with   the   Coronovirus   outbreak,   the   start   date   might   have   to   be delayed. In a worst case scenario the whole season might be lost.
Very occasionally in a yacht marina Yet another peaceful anchorage In the middle of France!
Tradewinds of Emsworth II is a Moody 35 Cruising Yacht built in 1992, and has been owned by Tony since 1999
Year of Manufacture: 1992 LOA: 10.52m (34’6”) LWL: 8.79m (28’10”) Beam: 3.62m (11’10”) Draught (Max): 1.6m (5’3”) Draught (Min): 1.6m (5’3”) Displacement: 5,806kg (12,800 lbs) (5.16 Tons) (5.8 tonnes) Fuel: 168 litres (37 Gals) Water: 195 litres (43 Gals)
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