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Spanish Cruising 2005-2006
I   cruised   the   east   coast   of   Spain   2005   and   2006,   heading   south   as   far   as   Gibraltar   and   north   to   the French    border.    I    also    visited    Ibiza    briefly    and    spent    a    few    weeks    circumnavigating    Majorca.    The mainland   Spanish   coast   is   mainly   bland,   with   mile   upon   mile   of   beach   and   high-rise   apartment   blocks as   far   as   the   eye   can   see.   But   there   are   also   very   good   places   to   visit,   such   as   Barcelona,   Valencia, Malaga,    Marbella    and   Alicante.    Tradewinds    spent    the    winter    of    2005    in    the    huge    yacht    marina    at Almerimar on the south coast of Spain. Enjoy   this   section   of   my   website,   read   the   ship’s   logs   and   check   out   the   itineraries   (go   back   to   the Mediterranean   Cruising   Home   page   and   use   the   toolbar)   and   browse   the   picture   galleries.   If   you   wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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