Tradewinds of Emsworth has been cruising the Mediterranean since 2004, having taken the route through the French rivers and canals from UK. Here are links to the itineraries for you to see - they are in pdf format and in some Smartphones may just be downloaded onto the device rather than immediately viewed. Go to your Downloads folder to view. Don’t forget to refresh this page before viewing the most recent Itinerary day to day.  

Mediterranean Cruising Itineraries

Click on a button to see the full detailed Itinerary (in pdf format) for that year: French   Rivers   &   Canals   Itinerary.   Departed   from   Gosport   on   the   south coast   of   UK   to   the   North   Coast   of   France,   through   the   French   Rivers   and Canals   to   the   Mediterranean.   Tradewinds   departed   from   UK   on   Tuesday 27th April   2004   and   finally   this   year   rested   for   the   winter   in   a   boatyard on the River Tevera near Rome in Italy. Mediterranean   Itinerary   from   Port   St   Louis   eastwards   along   the   coasts   of the South of France and Italy to the River Tevera near Rome. From    the    River    Tevera,    north    along    the    coast    of    Italy    to    France, westwards   across   the   French   Riviera   and   down   the   coast   of   Spain. Winter   was   at   the   large   marina   of   Puerto   Almerimar,   near   Almeria   on the south coast of Spain. From   Puerto   Almerimar   to   Gibraltar,   then   back   into   the   Mediterranean to   the   Balearic   Islands   (Ibiza   and   Mallorca),   across   to   Barcelona   and then   around   the   Spanish   and   French   coasts   as   far   as   Nice.   Tradewinds wintered in Port Pin Rolland near Toulon on the south coast of France. From   Port   Pin   Rolland   along   the   coast   of   the   French   Riviera   as   far   as Nice,   across   to   Corsica,   across   to   the   island   of   Elba,   down   the   western coast   of   Italy,   through   the   Messina   Straits   between   Italy   and   Sicily,   into the   Adriatic   and   across   to   Croatia,   and   finally   to   the   northern   Adriatic Italian port of Monfalcone for the winter. From    Marina    Hannibal    at    Monfalcone    to    Croatia,    but    with    a    few crossings    to    Venice    for    guest    exchanges.    Three    months    in    Croatia followed   by   a   crossing   from   Dubrovnik   to   Brindisi   in   SE   Italy   and   then back up the Italian coast into Monfalcone for the winter. 2009   -   Tradewinds   cruised   in   the   Adriatic   (Italy   and   Croatia)   until   early August   but   then   moved   south   into   the   Ionian   and   Aegean   Sea   areas   of Greece.   Tradewinds   finished   the   season   in   the   small   Greek   port   of   Porto Heli, in the Peloponnese. Tradewinds   cruises   entirely   in   Greek   waters   this   year.   My   main   ports   for guest transfers were Porto Heli and Poros. Greek   waters   again   during   the   summer   of   this   year.   Guest   transfers were as last year, mainly using Porto Heli or Poros. Greek waters. Much the same as last year. Yet   another   season   cruising   Greek   waters.   Guest   joining   ports   were Porto Heli and Poros. Continued   to   cruise   Greek   waters   this   summer,   including   the   mainland coastal    areas    of    the    Argolic    and    Saronic    Gulfs,    and    the    Cyclades, Sporades and Dodecanese Islands. Continued   to   cruise   Greek   waters,   but   because   of   crew   difficulties   did not    venture    far    to    the    islands    as    I    planned.    Visited    the    northern Cyclades including Syros, Tinos, Mykonos and Kithnos. Cruised   Greek   waters   again,   including   the Argolic   and   Saronic   Gulfs,   and the Cyclades.

Tradewinds of Emsworth II

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Remaining in Greek (Aegean) waters with a similar itinerary as 2016 planned.
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Remaining in Greek (Aegean) waters with a similar itinerary as 2017 planned.
2019 2019 - Crew Itineraries
Remaining    in    Greek    (Aegean)    waters    with    a    similar itinerary   as   2018   planned,   although   probably   doing   crew transfers   in   the   Cyclades.   This   plan   could   be   affected   if the   UK   crashes   out   of   the   European   Union   without   a   deal, leaving   me   at   the   mercy   of   the   Schengen   immigration rules,    which    would    see    me    restricted    to    being    in    EU waters for just 90 out of any 180 day period.
2020 2020 - Crew Itineraries
Remaining     in     Greek     (Aegean)     waters     with     a     similar itinerary   as   2018   and   2019   planned.   This   plan   is   subject   to travel   restrictions   resuting   from   the   Coronavirus   outbreak, which   may   result   in   my   cruising   season   not   commencing until   early   August.   Unfortunately   this   could   be   my   final year   of   full   summer   cruising   in   the   Mediterranean,   as   the UK   has   now   left   the   European   Union.   After   the   transition period   comes   to   an   end   on   31st   December   2020   II’ll   be subjct   to   EU   Schengen   area   immigration   rules,   which   will (unless     there     is     any     agreement     otherwise)     see     me restricted   to   being   in   EU   waters   for   just   90   out   of   any   180 day period from the 2021 season onwards.