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Italian Cruising 2004-2009
Italy    divides    the    western    from    the    eastern    Mediterranean.    It    has    a    long    coastline    some    of    it spectacularly   beautiful   and   some   absolutely   terrible!   The   western   coastline   is   by   far   the   most   attractive and   hospitable,   whereas   on   the   eastern   coast   it   is   often   inhospitable   and   now   at   the   top   of   my   list   of places   never   to   be   visited   again.   I   experienced   much   crime   on   the   eastern   coast   and   in   one   port, Molfetta,   had   a   dinghy   stolen   in   broad   daylight   whilst   ashore   for   lunch   -   it   was   hoisted   on   davits   and locked   to   the   boat,   and   Tradewinds   was   berthed   alongside   in   the   main   port   close   to   the   Port   Police office!   In   many   eastern   Italian   ports   cruising   yachtsmen   were   forced   to   keep   watch   over   each   other’s boats   using   a   watchkeeping   system,   in   an   effort   to   reduce   theft.   But   of   course   there   is   one   exception   on the   east   coast,   and   that   is   Venice   tucked   away   in   the   north   western   corner   of   the   Adriatic   Sea.   A   most memorable   place   to   visit   and   one   that   I   found   to   be   convenient   for   crew   transfers   and   a   few   days   of cultural   enlightenment.   I   cruised   Italy   from   San   Remo   in   the   north   west   to   Monfalcone   in   the   north   east, 2004 - 2005 and again 2007 - 2009. Enjoy   this   section   of   my   website,   read   the   ship’s   logs   and   check   out   the   itineraries   (go   back   to   the Mediterranean   Cruising   Home   page   and   use   the   toolbar)   and   browse   the   picture   galleries.   If   you   wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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