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Greek Cruising 2009-2022
I   arrived   in      Corfu,   Greece   in   2009   having   crossed   the   southern Adriatic   Sea   from   Italy.   My   cruising   has mainly   been   in   the   Aegean   Sea,   only   spending   a   short   period   in   the   Ionian   to   the   west   of   the   Greek mainland   before   heading   south   around   the   Pelopponeese   mainland   to   the   east   of   the   country.   Greece   is an   almost   perfect   cruising   area,   with   reasonable   daytime   winds,   an   abundance   of   safe   anchorages, thousands   of   islands   to   visit   and   a   remarkably   friendly   and   mild   mannered   people.   On   average   Greece is   the   least   expensive   of   the   Mediterranean   areas   I   have   experienced   during   my   years   of   cruising   here. Since   arriving   in   Greece   I   have   wintered   Tradewinds   once   in   Porto   Heli   (not   recommended)   and   several times in Kilada (highly recommended). During   my   years   cruising   Greece   I   have   visited   a   vast   number   of   coastal   locations   and   islands   of   the Cyclades and Eastern Sporades. I still have much more to explore in this wonderful cruising country. Enjoy   this   section   of   my   website,   read   the   ship’s   logs   and   check   out   the   itineraries   (go   back   to   the Mediterranean   Cruising   Home   page   and   use   the   toolbar)   and   browse   the   picture   galleries.   If   you   wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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