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French Cruising 2004-2007
After   arriving   on   the   Mediterranean   coast   of   France   in   June   2004   we   cruised   the   exotic   Riviera   or   Cote d’Azure,   including   numerous   visits   to   Cannes,   St   Tropez,   Nice,   Villfranche,   Antibes   and   Menton.   In   all Tradewinds   cruised   this   area   for   almost   three   years   (with   excursions   to   the   Spanish   and   Italian   coasts), finally   crossing   to   Corsica   and   moving   south   around   the   boot   of   Italy   into   the Adriatic   Sea.   in   2007   The South   of   France   is   an   absolutely   splendid   place   to   be,   albeit   that   the   cruising   is   not   always   fantastic. The   Mistral   sometimes   blows   hard   here   and   when   it   comes   there   is   no   alternative   other   than   to   find   a well sheltered anchorage, or scurry into port as quickly as possible. Enjoy   this   section   of   my   website,   read   the   ship’s   logs   and   check   out   the   itineraries   (go   back   to   the Mediterranean   Cruising   Home   page   and   use   the   toolbar)   and   browse   the   picture   galleries.   If   you   wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.