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2004 Rivers & Canals of France
Commencing   my   great   adventure,   in   April   2004,   I   sailed   across   the   English   Channel   from   Gosport   on the   south   coast   of   England   to   Le   Havre   on   the   north   coast   of   France,   where   Tradewinds’s   mast   was removed.   Shortly   after   I   motored   along   the   River   Seine   to   Paris   for   a   two   weeks   break   in   France’s capital   city,   thence   across   country   using   the   River   Marne   taking   the   Champagne   Route,   which   leads into   the   Marne   to   Saone   canal   to   St   Jean   de   Losne.   Then   south   again   on   the   River   Saone   and   River Rhone    through    Provence,    until    finally    being    reunited    with    my    mast    in    Port    St    Louis    on    the Mediterranean   coast,   to   the   west   of   Marseilles.   The   crossing   of   France   took   over   2.5   months   and   was   a remarkable   experience.   Eventually   I   shall   cover   the   same   waterways   heading   north,   in   years   to   come when Tradewinds returns home to her home in Gosport. Enjoy   this   section   of   my   website,   read   the   ship’s   logs   and   check   out   the   itineraries   (go   back   to   the Mediterranean   Cruising   Home   page   and   use   the   toolbar)   and   browse   the   picture   galleries.   If   you   wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. The   map   shown   below   shows   only   the   main   destinations   on   the   route   through   France.   There   were   of course   many   more   places   to   visit,   small   and   large   -   it   was   an   incredible   journey   through   some   of   the most picturesque scenery in Europe. Enjoy
Map from: France