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This   page   has   been   developed   not   only   for   visitors   to   my   Website,   but   also   for   myself,   because   I have   never   before   attempted   to   list   all   the   far   flung   places   that   I   have   found   myself   in   over   the years   since   I   started   travelling.   I   have   omitted   to   list   places   in   UK,   as   it   is   virtually   impossible   to remember   all   the   places,   and   in   Europe   I   have   only   listed   major   towns   and   cities   and   other particularly memorable places.  I   hope   that   this   page   is   not   too   boring.   Please   realise   that   it   fulfils   my   wish   to   develop   such   a   list   so that   my   family   and   friends   can   see   that   my   easily   taken   decision   to   leave   home   and   join   the   Royal Navy   at   the   tender   age   of   16   turned   out   to   be   one   of   the   most   significant   decisions   of   my   life.   The decision   to   go   to   sea   led   to   a   lifetime   of   travel   and   all   the   experiences   and   personal   education   that stemmed   from   the   opportunity   to   see   so   many   different   cultures   and   geographic   locations.   During my   travels   I   have   come   across   all   sorts   of   people   from   every   different   class   and   background,   rich and   poor,   and   have   learnt   to   understand,   appreciate   and   recognise   the   great   value   attached   to being   born   into   western   civilisation   in   a   truly   democratic   country.   Such   good   fortune   at   birth facilitated   complete   opportunity   of   choice,   which   resulted   in   a   great   life   and   personal   success.   If only   all   the   people   of   the   United   Kingdom   realised   how   lucky   they   were   to   be   born   or   been accepted   into   such   a   society   where   opportunity   and   freedom   of   choice   is   there   for   all   to   take. And, even   if   they   do   not   have   the   ability   or   skill   to   succeed,   because   not   everyone   can,   the   welfare state   will   look   after   them   and   ensure   that   they   will   not   live   in   such   total   poverty   as   I   have   seen   in so many parts of the world.
China: Beijing Shanghai Dalian Guilin Xian Hong Kong Macao Wuxi Haerbin Wuhan Tianjin Huazhong Zhenjiang Iran: Tehran Etheopia: Djibouti Indonesia: Jakarta Singapore: Singapore City Sembawang Changi Woodlands Nee Soon
Taiwan: Keelung Taipei Philippines: Manila Subic Bay Olongapo Thailand: Bangkok Phuket Yemen: Aden Kenya: Mombasa Malindi Salvo (East & West)   Indian Ocean Islands: Gan Mauritius Scheychelles
South Korea: Seoul Pusan Taejon Ulsan Japan: Nagoya Ito Sri Lanka (Ceylon): Colombo Pakistan: Karachi Malaysia: Kuala Lumpar Jahor Bahru Malacca   Sudan: Port Sudan Gulf States: Qatar - Doha Bahrain Dubai Oman - Muscat Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Australia: Melbourne (Victoria) Freemantle (WA) Perth (WA) Launceston (Tasmania) Coles Bay (Tasmania) Beaumaris (Tasmania) Hobart (Tasmania) Sydney (NSW) Anna Bay (NSW) Newcastle (NSW) Cairns (Queensland) Port Douglas (Queensland) Brisbane (Queensland) Hervey Bay (Queensland) Darwin (NT) India: New Delhi Old Delhi Mumbai (Bombay) Visakhapatnam Bhubaneshwar Agra Jaipur Hyderabad Pune (Poona) Republic of Ireland: Galway & Salthill Dingle
Germany: Berlin Potsdam Rostock Hannover Hamburg Bremen Duisburg Munich Dresden Essen Lubeck Wilhelmshaven Cuxhaven Neustadt Keil Magdeburg Frankfurt Austria: Vienna Klagenfurt Innsbruck Salzburg Igles Greece: Athens Porto Heli Nidri Spetses Levkas Rhodes Nafplio Cycladic Islands Ionian Islands Poros Argolic Gulf Saronic Gulf
France: Paris Rouen Calais Cannes Nice Versailles Lyon Bordeaux Marseilles Brest Morgat Epernay Chaumont Langres Valence Avignon Arles Marseille St Tropez Antibes St Raphael St Nazaire Le Havre Cherbourg Nantes La Rochelle Dunkirk Czechia: Prague   Switzerland: Zurich
Spain: Malaga Estepona Marbella La Linea Gibraltar Barcelona Majorca Madrid Cordoba Madrid Sevilla Granada Toledo Zaragoza   Italy: Rome Venice Genoa San Remo Livorno Pisa Florence Naples Sorrento Amalfi Malta: Valetta Sliema Mosta Rabat  
Poland: Gdansk Gdynia Krakow Katowice Rumia Torun Lodz Hel Malbork Norway: Oslo Drammen Netherlands: Wageningen Amsterdam Delft Rotterdam Bruges Morocco: Tangier Libya: Benghazi Luxemburg: Luxemburg Denmark: Copenhagen
Ecuador: Guayaquil Columbia: Panama: Panama Canal Bermuda: Hamilton Ireland Island St Georges Belize: Belize City Azerbaijan: Baku Belgium: Brussels Gent Egypt: Suez Canal Lebanon: Beirut
USA: New York Washington Miami Boston Charleston Savannah San Francisco Los Angeles Denver Chicago Norfolk Orlando Tampa St Petersburg Detroit Jacksonville Buffalo Las Vegas Key West Wilmington Jamestown Williamsburg Yorktown St Augustine Annapolis Baltimore Ocean City Berlin New Jersey St Louis Redwood City
Canada: Toronto Quebec St John (Newfoundland) St John (New Brunswick) Montreal Kingston Windsor Niagara Atlantic Ocean Islands: Ascension Island Bermuda Madeira The Azores Tenerife   Mexico: Puerto Vallarta
Caribbean Islands: Aruba Barbados Antigua Anguilla St Maarten St Martin St Barts Montserrat St Kits Nevis Jamaica Grand Cayman British Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands Spanish Virgin Islands Bahamas (New Providence) Grenada St Vincent & The Grenadines St Lucia Martinique Dominica Guadeloupe Puerto Rico
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