It      was      Mark      Twain      who famously   said   that   “in   20   years time      we      would      be      more disappointed    with    the    things we   didn’t   do   in   life   than   the ones    that    we    did    do”.    He    is widely   quoted   as   saying   to   that we    should    “throw    away    the bowlines,    sail    away    from    the safe    harbour    and    catch    the Tradewinds    in    your    sails”.    I interpreted    that    as    meaning that   I   should   live   my   life   to   the full,      explore,      dream      and discover,   and   make   my   life   an adventure.    I    would    do    it    all over again! Tony Dyer  

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Millenium picture taken aboard Tradewinds of Emsworth II in Gosport, on the south coast of England
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Welcome   to   my   Family   Website.   This   is   me   on   the   left,   taken   aboard my   yacht   “Tradewinds   of   Emsworth   II”   at   Gosport   early   in   2001   The picture above was taken in Greece at Nafplion in 2015. Continue   to   read   -   follow   the   links   and   you   will   see   pictures   of   my family   and   discover   all   sorts   of   details   about   my   life   past   and   present, and   interests.   I   hope   you   enjoy   browsing   the   various   pages,   and   I   look forward to hearing from you. Family Tree: Within   the   pages   of   this   site   you   will   find   pictures   of   various   members of   my   family.   The   search   for   relatives   contributing   to   the   construction of   a   Family   Tree   has   been   largely   concentrated   on   my   Father's   side   of the    family,    although    many    of    my    Mother's    relatives    are    of    course mentioned.   I   have   many   pictures   of   relatives   from   early   in   the   20th Century   -   the   Dyers   were   in   the   English   China   Clay   areas   of   Cornwall and    the    Blounts    in    Nottingham    and    later    Plymouth    where    my grandfather   was   the   minister   at   the   "Plymouth   Brethren"   Mission   for   the Deaf   and   Dumb.   If   you   have   family   information   that   you   think   may   be of interest or even unique, please do contact me. The   Family   Tree   link   on   the   toolbar   above   will   take   you   to   several rather   large   documents,   setting   out   the   Dyer   family   tree   in   different formats   since   John   Dyer   was   born   in   1795   and   his   wife   Jenifor   was   born in   1799.   All   documents   are   in   pdf   format.   If   you   notice   any   errors,   or would   like   to   add   to   the   the   information   already   shown,   please   contact me.
Taken at Nafplion in Greece, Summer 2015