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This   was   my   first   home.   Located   in   the   Peverell   district   of Plymouth   in   the   south   west   of   England   I   lived   here   with   my mother   and   father   until   the   age   of   16,   when   I   left   to   join the   navy.   I   have   many   happy   memories   of   living   here,   being able   to   walk   to   my   first   two   schools   and   riding   my   bike   to the   third.   My   mother   lived   and   worked   from   home,   whilst my   father   was   able   to   walk   to   work.   He   was   a   proprietor   of the Peverell Garage Ltd.
After   getting   married   for   the   first   time,   and   being   sent   to HMS    Pellew    based    in    Portland,    we    were    given    a    naval married   quarter   at   Walker   Crescent   in   the   Weymouth   suburb of   Wyke   Regis.   We   lived   there   for   almost   2   years,   during which   time   our   son   Ian   was   born   in   the   Portway   Nursing Home in Weymouth.
Following   my   period   of   service   aboard   the   frigate   HMS   Pellew based   in   Portland,   I   was   drafted   to   join   the   Ocean   Survey Ship   HMS   Hecate,   based   in   Devonport.   This   was   our   married quarter   in   Tamerton   Foliot   outside   Plymouth   for   more   than   2 years.   It   was   whilst   we   were   living   here   that   our   daughter Anne was born, in the Freedom Filelds Hospital in Plymouth.
After   leaving   HMS   Hecate   I   was   drafted   to   join   the   Hong Kong    shore    base,    where    we    spent    just    over    a    year.    Our married   quarter   was   here   in   Garden   Mansions,   seen   in   this picture   to   the   left.   The   apartment   block   was   located   on Hong   Kong   Island   in   an   area   known   as   Mid   Levels,   and   had wonderful   views   over   Victoria   Harbour   and   Kowloon   on   the mainland.
On    return    to    UK    in    June    1971    I    was    promoted    to    Sub Lieutenant   Royal   Navy   and   appointed   for   training,   first   at the   Royal   Naval   College   at   Greenwich   in   London   and   later   to the     Royal     Naval     Engineering     College     at     Manadon     in Plymouth.   It   was   during   my   time   at   engineering   college   that we   bought   our   first   house,   a   three   bedroom   semi   detached property at Plympton, just outside Plymouth.
Six    months    after    the    purchase    of    our    first    home    at Plympton,   we   bought   our   second,   this   time   at   Crownhill, another   suburb   of   Plymouth,   which   we   kept   for   2-3   years. These   were   heady   times,   with   property   prices   rising   quickly. We were in the housing market and doing well.
Following   engineering   college   and   an   2   year   appointment   to the   Aircraft   Carrier   HMS   Ark   Royal,   I   was   appointed   at   short notice    to    the    frigate    HMS    Mermaid,    based    in    Singapore. Although   I   was   a   seagoing   officer,   I   was   able   to   take   my   wife and   two   children   to   Singapore   to   live.   We   were   allocated   a married   quarter   inside   the   Singapore   Naval   Base   on   Ratus Road.   Unfortunately   I   have   not   been   able   to   find   a   picture   of our   home   during   this   period,   and   during   a   business   trip   to Singapore   many   years   later   found   the   the   property   no   longer existed.
After   a   year   living   in   Singapore   and   operating   HMS   Mermaid at   sea   in   the   Far   East,   the   ship   returned   to   UK   to   be   based   in Chatham   where   we   were   allocated   a   married   quarter   in   the St Mary’s area of Gillingham.
Following   2   years   working   in   the   Chatham   naval   base   I   was appointed   to   the   frigate   HMS   Rhyl,   which   although   originally based   in   Chatham   was   moved   to   Portsmouth.   Following   the my   ship’s   base   port   move   and   my   divorce,   I   moved   home   to the   Portsmouth   area   where   I   purchased   this   property   in   the Drayton   area   of   the   city.   I   lived   here   for   about   10   years between   marriages,   and   appointments   to   the   destroyer   HMS Cardiff and within Portsmouth Dockyard.
After   my   second   marriage   in   June   1990   we   moved   into   this house    at    Emsworth,    a    small    picturesque    village    half    way between   Portsmouth   and   Chichester   on   the   south   coast   of England.   During   my   time   living   here   I   swerved   aboard   the destroyer    HMS    Southampton    as    Captain,    followed    by    an appointment    to    the    Ministry    of    Defence    in    Bath.    On resignation   from   the   Royal   Navy   in   October   1995   I   continued to    live    in    Emsworth    working    as    a    businessman    until    my second   divorce,   which   caused   the   sale   of   this   lovely   and beautifully located property.
After   my   second   divorce   I   invested   in   an   apartment   at   Port Solent,   just   to   the   north   of   the   City   of   Portsmouth   on   the south   coast   of   England. Although   most   of   my   current   lifestyle keeps   me   away   from   this   luxurious   property   and   it   is   rented full   time,   it   is   nevertheless   my   bolt-hole   for   the   future,   for when   my   adventures   are   over.   It   is   perfectly   located,   has good   security   and   plenty   of   restaurants   and   bars,   and   a   huge supermarket    nearby.    It    is    there    for    my    retirement    when needed, whenever that may be?
After   leaving   the   Mermaid   in   mid   1976   I   was   appointed   to HMS   Pembroke,   the   Chatham   naval   base.   At   about   this   time we   purchased   a   property   in   the   quiet   north   Kent   seaside resort   of   Herne   Bay,   some   36   miles   from   the   naval   base. Despite   the   72   miles   I   had   to   commute   each   day   to   and   from the   naval   base,   I   very   much   enjoyed   living   in   Herne   Bay, principally   because   of   the   enjoyable   times   sailing   and   racing my   Albacore   and   Laser   Dinghies   from   the   Herne   Bay   Sailing Club.
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