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They all lived in the small Cornish village of Treviscoe in Cornwall The large Dyer family centred on Treviscoe in the south western county of Cornwall
Samuel   Dyer   -   50th   Wedding   Anniversary   Group   1911.   My   grandfather Wilson   is   on   the   back   row,   exactly   in   the   middle.   On   his   right   is   his wife   Ellen   -   their   3   boys   (Ewart,   my   father   John   Henry   and   Gordon)   are to   the   front   of   Ellen   in   the   next   row   down   (to   the   right   of   Wilson   as you look at the picture).
My great grandfather Samuel Dyer with his handsome sons: (L to R standing) Fred, Samuel John, Henry & my Grandfather Wilson (& Seated) Lancelot
Margaret Sarah Blount and John Henry Dyer taken outside our Plymouth home at 50 Peverell Terrace. Taken in about 1919 whilst serving in the Royal Flying Corps (later to become the Royal Air Force) Taken in about 1935 when he was 34 years of age My father in his mid 80s, taken on Plymouth Hoe In later life Ewart became disabled following a stroke. Gordon and my father John Henry owned and ran the Peverell Garage in Plymouth
(Above)    My    grandfather    Wilson    Dyer    with my    grandmother    Ellen,    and    their    three boys,   Ewart   at   the   back,   my   father   John Henry   in   the   uniform   of   the   Royal   Flying Corps and the youngest, Gordon.
My grandfather's picture taken in July 1903 My grandmother Margaret Blount with her daughter Margaret Sarah Blount
Older Generation
(Above)   My   grandfather   Hiram   Blount   taken   in   about 1900.   I   never   knew   my   mother’s   father   because   he died   in   a   cycling   accident   in   Cornwall   before   I   was born.
My uncle John as a young boy on a swing with hois mother Margaret Blount My uncle John Blount was the headmaster of a Deaf and Dumb school in Penn, Buckinghamshite, UK
(Above)   My   uncle   Sam   Blount   taken   at   his wedding   to   Joy.   The   left   bridesmaid   is   my mother     Margaret     Sarah     Blount,     Sam’s brother.
(Above)   My   aunt   Betty   who   emigrated   to Australia   to live   in   Tasmania.   It   was   only   in   her   later   life   that   I got to know and visit her.
(Above)   My   father’s   brother   Gordon.   Although   there were   women   in   his   life   (this   one   was   Molly),   he   died a bachelor.
(Above)   My   father   married   three   times.   Here he   is   at   the   age   of   82   with   his   third   wife   -   he and    Kathy    are    pictured    aboard    the    RMS Canberra on their honeymoon.
Trevor died in 2012 having lived all his working life in Plymouth. He had two sones by his first wife Marie and one with his second wifer Mary Joyce emigrated to Australia when in her early 20s, only to return to UK on one occasion. She was married and divorced, but never had any children.
(Above)    My    father’s    two    offspring    from    his    first marriage.   Trevor   lived   his   life   in   Plymouth,   whilst Joyce emigrated to Australia when in her early 20s.
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