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One of two that I owned One of two I owned Small car but huge boot (trunk!). I was able to fit my Naval Officer's Trunk in this boot! My first car. Found on a scrap heap and painted by my father. I was just 17 years old. Unfortunately a Mk11, not a "Frog Eye" Nice car let down by rusting bodywork and a flawed injection system My first of two Mercedes My second Mercedes. Excellent car, very comfortable and economical Outside my house in Emsworth, with my wife's Peugeot 205D also in the picture One of two Audi A4s that I owned. Excellent cars. I did a huge mileage in this car. This picture was taken in the south of France Before I added a grey bottom! Good little car but unprepared for the high milages I wanted to do My third car. I changed the engine on this car. I bought this after my first Ford Zephyr 4 was written off after an accident I was lucky to come out of this wreck alive! Seat belts were not compulsory at the time, but I had fitted some a week before I had this accident. My second of this type I used to drive regularly between Scotland and Plymouth in this little car Comfortable ride, but without a turbo seriously underpowered Heap of rusting metal represented the best that the British car inductry could produce back in the 1970s One of two Owned in Singapore My Singapore runabout. Never kept the rain out! Smart little sports car owned during my period living in Hong Kong. The roof leaked badly so I drilled holes in the floor to stop flooding! My father's Wosley was a great car and took us far and wide, including on a 2000 mile adventure around Europe in 1958 Comfortable car with a rusty body. The engine was great, but I eventually I converted it to a carburettor verson after the injection system gave so much trouble Very nice car, but rusting body Comfortable and good car, let down by a rusting body! Crap! This picture is not of my car. Mine was black and slightly older.
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Standing with the old an new - purchase day 23rd December 2017 Pictured in Spain - February 2018