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Tradewinds of Emsworth III 2008 BVIs to St Vincent Caribbean Cruising
Caribbean Cruising
Welcome Enjoy your visit to my website A beautiful sunset from Blue Lagoon on St Vincent. Journey's end Sue on the dinghy dock at Port Elizabeth, Bequia The Gingerbread Restaurant, Bequia Sue on the beach at Friendship Bay, Bequia Admiralty Bay at Bequia View from the Gingerbread Restaurant at Port Elizabeth - We had a special "end of cruise" dinner here on Sunday 2nd November 2008 The famous Pitons at St Lucia Soufriere, St Lucia A beautiful sunset over Admiralty Bay, Bequia The anchorage at Admiralty Bay, Bequia Inside the church at Port Elizabeth, Bequia But not so fantastic from this angle! Marigot Bay has been dessimated by excessive commercialism! A dramatic sunset from our anchorage at Rodney Bay, St Lucia Tony tries to remove slime and weed from the dinghy's hull. The spatula that he was using broke into two pieces but the weed never did lose its grip! Marigot Bay on the west coast of St Lucia. A beautiful place from all angle!s One Hurricane Omar casulaty - here ashore in Anse Petit D'Arlet on the south west coast of Martinique And two more casulaties of Hurricane Omar - here at Anse Grande D'Arlet, Martinique The central market in Forte de Franche. Although the town was attractive in parts we were hugely disappointed by our visit to Martinique's capital city - read all about it in the Ship's Log for 23rd October. The waterfront at Anse Deshairs, Guadeloupe - note the beached boat post Hurricane Omar The main street in Bourg, the main town on the island of Terre-de-Haut in the Les Saintes islands of Guadeloupe This is Bourg again Anse de Bourg The main street in Portsmouth, Dominica Typical of the waterfront in Dominica - this otherwise stunningly beautiful island is marred by long term neglect and third world poverty. There were several rusting ship-hulks along the waterfront at Portsmouth, Dominica's second town Tradewinds approaches the capital of Dominica, Roseau A beautiful sunset was there waiting for us after anchoring at Forte de France in Martinique on Wednesday 22nd October We passed through several heavy rain storms off the coast of Guadeloupe We loved Bourg We crossed some quite heavy seas between Guadeloupe and Dominica Sunrise in English Harbour on Saturday 18th October 2008, the day we departed from Antigua Sue at Fort Berkley - at the entrance to English Harbour, Antigua The anchorage at Nelson's Dockyard at English Harbour. Here Tradewinds is anchored more or less centrally in the picture. Ordinance Bay, where we rode out Hurricane Omar, is the creek running to the right, at the top left of the picture Tradewinds secured in the mangroves of English Harbour, Antigua, just 24 hours before the predicted closest point of Hurricane Omar Guarding the bay and town of Marigot in St Martin Tony updating the website and doing emails at a cafe in Gustavia Sue standing at Fort St Louis overlooking the Baie de Marigot at St Martin Guarding the bay and town of Marigot in St Martin Is it an umbrella or a hat? Sue's latest sun shield! The main street in Le Grand Case, St Martin The nudist beach at Orient bay, St Martin The little church and big anchor at St Barts Tradewinds alongside at Redcliffe Quay, St Johns, Antigua A back street in Gustavia, St Barts Designer clothes shops in Gustavia, St Barts Tony relaxed at the wheel as Tradewinds leaves the island of St Barts in the background Redcliffe Street, St Johns, Antigua (our least favourite island) Hemmingway's Restaurant in St Johns, Antigua One last glimpse back as Tradewinds departs from the BVIs for the final time - heading for St Martin 5th October 2008 Sue joined Tradewinds on October 2nd at Trellis Bay, which is close to the airport at Beef Island in the BVIs. Tony on the beach at Trellis Bay. Tradewinds is in the background - we were all waiting for suitable weather to make the crossing to St Martin This is Sam who has been working for Tortola Marine Management (TMM) for ever! An Icon of the company and amongst the sailing community of the BVIs. Everyone respects Sam. This is one of Joyce's chickens - this one is named "Tradewinds of Emsworth" Before we left Tortola we were bid farewell by Joyce - And here is Joyce, who looked after and kept the cabins of Tradewinds spotless for over 7 years. She had become a good friend and sadly was the only TMM staff member to be on the quayside when Tradewi Chart showing the cruise from the BVIs to St Vincent