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Tradewinds of Emsworth III 2016 - 2017 Caribbean Cruising Gallery
As   of   17th   February   2017   Tradewinds   has   been   sold   and   my   final   Caribbean cruise   ended   when   I   arrived   in   Rodney   Bay,   St   Lucia   from   Grenada   12   days before.   I   finally   handed   the   boat   over   to   the   new   owner’s   delivery   captain   on Wednesday   8th   March   2017,   and   I   finally   disembarked   on   the   following   day. Tradewinds   of   Emsworth   departed   from   Rodney   Bay,   St   Lucia   on   Saturday 11th   March   (coincidentally   my   birthday)   and   sailed   to   Miami,   where   she   will be   based.   And   so   ends   16   years   of   ownership,   during   which   time   I   sailed many   thousands   of   miles   in   the   Greater   and   Lesser Antilles   of   the   Caribbean, from   the   Spanish   Virgin   Islands   off   the   east   coast   of   Puerto   Rico   in   the   north, to   Grenada   in   the   south-eastern   Caribbean   in   the   south.   The   process   of selling   the   boat   and   bringing   the   sale   to   completion   was   lengthy   and   was heaped   with   time   consuming   bureaucracy   (unfortunately   a   legacy   of   British Colonial   rule).   On   the   day   the   sale   was   completed   I   felt   no   elation,   rather sadness   that   the   happiness   and   fun   that   Tradewinds   had   brought   me   over   my years   of   ownership   had   come   to   an   end.   Selling   Tradewinds   marked   a   step change    in    my    lifestyle,    and    it    would    take    a    long    time    for    me    to    grow accustomed   to   life   without   her,   not   only   emotionally,   but   also   because   I   shall no   longer   be   able   to   meet   all   those   very   wonderful   people   who   have   joined me   as   crew.   The   new   home   for   Tradewinds   is   Miami   -   I   wish   her   and   her   new owner safe cruising and a long life. Bon Voyage.
I flew to Grenada on 3rd December 2016 - this was my Boeing 777 Jalopy! Grand Anse Beach - It's great to be back in this beautiful place Looking good and ready for launching on Thursday 8th December 2016 Two huge cruise ships overwhelm St Georges Happy local lady in St George's Market Local stall keeper rings Merry Christmas in St George's Cattle Egret Christmas Day at Joe & Joselyn's home With friend Joe at his home of Christmas Day Yachty Christmas Carol Singers Cheers to everyone at Christmas in St George's One of Jane's many bird pictures Saw in the New Year having my ears mega blasted at the Port Louis Marina Party Fish Dock at Grenville, Grenada's second largest town Beautiful view from Kyak Restaurant Paradise Beach from "Off the Hook" Bar Hermit Crab on Sandy Island Sandy Island shadows Tradewinds on a buoy off Sandy Island the beautiful beach at Sandy Island Fabulous beach at Windward on the northwest corner of Carriacue Tradewinds in the Port Louis Marina in St Georges, the capital of Grenada Sunset from the St George's anchorage Sadly all good things have a habbit of going away! This is my first crew Jane flying out to Trinidad, after over 3 weeks aboard. UK friends Jon & Helen joined me mid January We had a very wet crossing from Grenada to Carriacue on 23rd January 2017 Recemntly joined friends Helen & Jon by the Fan Palm at Prickly Bay Marina Helen & Jon sunset picture at Tyrrel Bay, Carriacue Expensive but good salad from Gallery Cafe at Tyrrel Bay Fantastic sunset at Tyrrel Bay The beautiful Petite Carenage Beach at Windward Anita's House at Windward Helen & Jon on Petite Carenage Beach Famouse loacl painter Freddie Paul Helen & Jon at the Sugar Reef Resort, Industry Bay, Bequia Selfie! Richmond Bay Beach Happy Island is located in Clifton Harbour Spectacular Views towards Carriacue, from Fort Hill Palms over Sugar Reef Resort Admiralty Bay Sunset The door from the little Catholic church overlooking Admiralty Bay The amazing cathedral in the island capital, Castries Widows in the cathedral at Castries, the island capital Busy Saturday in the capital, Castries Saturday market stalls in Castries Beautiful views overlooking Marigot Bay Anchored peacefully at Marigot Bay, St Lucia Approaching St Lucia from Bequia - the Pitons and a Rainbow to welcome us Garden in Castries, with the Cathedral in the background Hauled ashore on 10th Feb 2017 at the Rodney Bay Marina Boatyard for Marine Survey Rodney Bay sunset The magnificent square rigger sails from Rodney Bay Tradewinds's tracks in and out of Rodney Bay for survey, etc (L to R) Brian, Vivianne and Nathan will take Tradewinds from St Lucia to Miami (1400 Nautical Miles) Position in Rodney Bay Marina where the handover of Captains took place Handover dock in the Rodney Bay Marina (8th March 2017) The Blue Ensign was struck some time ago - the final Red Ensign was lowered on Wednesday 8th March 2017 to be replaced by the "Stars and Stripes" Final message from the outgoing Captain and Owner Final picture of me by my beloved TW3 - Thursday 9th March 2017
After   leaving   Tradewinds   on   Thursday   9th   March   2017   I   stayed   for   the   night   in   a hotel   close   to   the   George   FL   Charles Airport   at   Castries   St   Lucia.   On   the   following morning   I   flew   to   Grenada   via   Barbados   by   local   airline   LIAT   aboard   two   of   their modern   (French/Italian   built)   ATR   72   twin   turboprop   aircraft,   and   was   met   by   my taxi   driver   friend   Joe   George.   Later   I   checked   into   an   apartment   in   the   True   Blue area   of   St   George’s,   Grenada.   All   pictures   from   here   downwards   were   taken during   my   stay   on   the   island   of   Grenada,   until   Wednesday   19th April   2017   when   I am scheduled to fly back to the UK. Enjoy.
The apartment I rented in True Blue, Grenada after returning to the island from St Lucia St George's University party at the end of term before Easter vacation In my rental apartment at True Blue, Grenada Eggs, plantain and tomoatoes cooked in olive oil! My daily walk is to the Grand Anse Beach - 40 minutes from the apartment Good evening at the Royal Grenada Yacht Club Talebted musician at the RGYC They start young! Fruit from my apartment garden