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Caribbean Cruising
Welcome Enjoy your visit to my website Arrived in Paradise. Firsdt swim at the Grand Anse Beach Tradewinds is launched into the Caribbean on 8th December 2014, at the start of another winter season of cruising Happy smiling faces of local people Wenying has joined me from China for the first three months of this year's winter cruising The fruit cannot be eaten, but the had shells are often used as decorations Tradewinds anchored at Bequia for Christmas Admiralty Bay, Bequia The little church in Port Elizabeth where we attended the Christmas Eve Carol Service and Mass. This is my 4th Christmas here. I'm pictured at Fort Hamilton, overlooking Admiralty Bay Delicious fresh fish cooked to perfection by Wenying This fellow thought that he would be almost invisible, but we spotted him! Spring Bay is on the windward coast of the island Industry Bay is also on the windward coast of Bequia Christmas lights by the Almond Tree in Port Elizabeth Christmas morning aboard Tradewinds Happy smiling local Carriacue lady and her 8 montn old baby Turtle forages for food Fish on the reef Hawksbill turtle heads for the surface White whale searches for turtles! The Lagoon at Marigot Bay, St Lucia. This is where some of the scenes from the movie Dr Doolittle were shot! Spotted this lobster whilst snorkelling off Pidgeon Island Castries Cathedral from the outside. Inside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the capital, Castries. Probably the only sight worth visiting in this run down town. Wenying at Pidgeon Island, part way to Rodney Fort The view north from Pidgeon Island towards Martinique, 25 miles distant A White Ensigned Superyacht heading towards the island of Canouan in St Vincent & The Grenadines We snorkelled with the turtles and on the Horshoe Reef The view from Petit St Vincent across the channel to Union Island Wenying emerges from snorkelling at Princess Margaret Beach Heading north along the St Vincent coast towards St Lucia Approaching St Lucia from the south. The Pitons are visible for a very long way. Le Marin is a tiny town, but with a huge marina and anchorage. This was the view from my anchorage. The fruit and vegetable market at Le Marin The huge marina at Le Marin Wenying leaves Tradewinds in Rodney Bay after just 5 weeks on board. She was planning to remain longer but had to return to China for famil reasons Delightful little town with all I need for a couple of weeks whilst I await my next guest At anchor at Sainte-Anne, Martinique The "Club Med" beach at Sainte-Anne Leaving St Lucia on our way north to Martinique Su Mei joined in Rodney Bay, St Lucia bearing gifts. This box of Truffles from May back in Maryland. Thanks May. Fruit and vegetable man With Su Mei on the summit of Pidgeon Island, St Lucia Fort Rodney protects St Lucia from the French invaders On a wall in Le Marin, Martinique. The acceptable face of Grafitti I think it might be "Valsheda" Anchored off Le Marin in Martinique Colourful carnival girl Stunning sunset after a gorgeous Caribbean day Carnival time on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday The little church in Sainte-Annes, where Su Mei worshiped It's not difficult to work out where this pot of gold is! Spectacular rainbow Situated off the south west coast of Martinique, this was probably the Royal Navy's first "Stone Frigate". Arriving at a new anchorage off the west coast of Martinique On the dinghy going ashore at Grande Anse D'Arlet, Martinique Mixture of French and Caribbean architecture in this tiny town The magnificent sloop "Erica VII" anchored at Grande Anse D'Arlet off the south west coast of Martinique Emprress Josephine spent her forst 16 years living here. She married Napoleon when 33 and he was just 28. Built in 1892 - All steel structure to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes Sightseeing in Fort de France, the capital of Martinique Sunday at Saint-Anne and Su Mei has just been to church Taken on my birthday, 11th March 2015 Local girl on Anse des Salines. A most beautiful beach Anse des Salines After church in Sainte-Anne Her special tree at the Club Med beach in Sainte-Anne, Martinique. Used as a marker to assess her swimming progress. Local Sainte-Anne resident The 3 masted "Royal Clipper" and 3 masted vintage Barque anchored at Grande Anse D'Arlet Inside the church at Petit Anse D'Arlet The pretty church at Petit Anse D'Arlet The cathedral at St Pierre was devastated and later rebuilt following the eruption of the volcano of Mount Pelee overlooking the town The beautiful stained glass window inside St Pierre Cathedral Su mei on the lookout as we beat to windward towards Sainte-Anne on the south west coast of Martinique Courtyard outside the little church at Sainte-Anne Beach at Grande Anse d'Arlet on the west coast Easter Regatta training Preparing for the Bequia Easter Regatta Photographed on Belmont Walk, Port Elizabeth, Bequia Wedding on Princess Margaret Beach Leaving the Pitons behind as we head south from St Lucia on a dark and wet morning
Summary of 2014 - 2015 Caribbean Sailing
Hauled ashore on 17th April 2015 for the summer after a great winter season Tradewinds rests for the summer
Tradewinds of Emsworth III 2014 - 2015 Caribbean Cruising Gallery