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  Welcome: As   of   17th   February   2017   Tradewinds   has   been sold    and    my    final    Caribbean    cruise    ended when   I   arrived   in   Rodney   Bay,   St   Lucia   from Grenada   12   days   before.   And   so   ends   16   years of   ownership,   during   which   time   I   sailed   many thousands   of   miles   in   the   Greater   and   Lesser Antilles    of    the    Caribbean,    from    the    Spanish Virgin   Islands   off   the   east   coast   of   Puerto   Rico in   the   north,   to   Grenada   in   the   south-eastern Caribbean   in   the   south.   The   process   of   selling the   boat   and   bringing   the   sale   to   completion was     lengthy     and     was     heaped     with     time consuming      bureaucracy      (unfortunately      a legacy   of   British   Colonial   rule).   On   the   day   the sale    was    completed    I    felt    no    elation,    rather sadness     that     the     happiness     and     fun     that Tradewinds   had   brought   me   over   my   years   of ownership     had     come     to     an     end.     Selling Tradewinds     marked     a     step     change     in     my lifestyle,   and   it   would   take   a   long   time   for   me   to grow   accustomed   to   life   without   her,   not   only emotionally,   but   also   because   I   shall   no   longer be   able   to   meet   all   those   very   wonderful   people who   have   joined   me   as   crew.   The   new   home   for Tradewinds   is   Miami   -   I   wish   her   and   her   new owner    safe    cruising    and    a    long    life.    Bon Voyage. Please   feel   free   to   browse   my   website,   take   a look   at   the   many   pictures   I   have   posted   over the    years    and    imagine!    All    pictures    can    be clicked   for   a   larger   version,   and   if   you   would like the original, please ask.
Welcome Enjoy your visit to my website Tradewinds anchored off Petit St Vincent
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Welcome to my website visitors: This   is   website   is   all   about   the   years   I spent     cruising     aboard     my     yacht "Tradewinds    of    Emsworth    III"    in    the Caribbean. Sadly   Tradewinds   has   been   sold   (On 17th   February   2017)   -   the   information in   this   website   was   provided   primarily to   keep   friends   and   relatives   informed as   to   my   cruising   lifestyle   and   where   I was,    but    was    also    intended    as    a general    guide    to    guests    joining    me. The      site      contains      many      picture Galleries   of   the   places   I   have   visited, and   of   the   friends   and   relatives   who have   joined   me   over   the   years   I   have been   cruising   this   beautiful   part   of   the world.  Enjoy browsing. Contact    me    if    you    like    -    I    shall    be happy     to     provide     further     details should it be of interest to you.
Tradewinds at sea off Virgin Gorda, the British Virgin Islands
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